Post Paediatric Exam

Yes, I just finished my 1st major posting in Year 5. Peadiatric..

Here’s the questions that I was asked in the exam.. But couldn’t remember all the questions..

Long Case

  1. Asthma (Dr Chan, HOD from SGH & Dr Wai from UNIMAS)
    1. What is d outcome?
    2. How to treat now?
    3. What is d complication of high dose Budesonide?
    4. What is long term complication of asthma?
    5. What is severe asthma?
    6. What is hygiene hypothesis?
    7. What can u find in lung function test?
    8. How do u prevent triggering factors in asthma?
    9. What is prognosis of this child?

Overall I think I did not perform well coz I forgot something which is quite important..

But Dr Wai’s comment: “Not bad”

Short Case

  1. Down Syndrome + VSD (Dr Khin & Dr Wai)
    1. What advice u wanna give to mother?
    2. What’s d recurrence rate?
    3. Incidence in this mother?
    4. What’s ur diagnosis?
    5. Translocation higher incidence or non-dysjunction?
    6. If both parents got 21, what’s d incidence?
    7. More questions on frequency & incidence but I could not remember the exact questions..
  2. Thalassemia with splenectomy scar
    1. What is the scar?
    2. Give example for the drug for this scar?
    3. Indication for the scar?
    4. What investigation u wanna do?
    5. What is ur diagnosis?
    6. What is d complication of the scar + this disease in this child?
    7. What is d commonest organism?
    8. How do u manage this patient?
    9. What is d definitive treatment?
    10. What type of transplantation in this child?
    11. Why cannot do autologous transplant?

Overall I think I did quite ok for both cases just that I couldn’t really answer the incidence thing for Down Syndrome..

In thalassemia case, Dr Khin & Dr Wai have no more questions to ask so they let me go earlier.. They went to ask the time keeper “How many minutes left?”

The time keeper said “11 seconds”

Dr Khin asked me whether still want to answer some questions?

Then Dr Wai & Dr Khin laugh at each other and I went off after that..

Hope that I can pass Paeds lah..
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