Must Have Travel App: Lonely Planet

I have been using Lonely Planet & mTrip travel apps on my iPhone when I was travelling in Europe.. I found it useful especially when ur iPhone is fast.. Mine is iPhone 3G so u can expect some lagging which sometimes pissed me off!

Here I will show u Rome Lonely Planet..

They have a very nice interface.. this app is actually same with the hardcopy book..

But the price is quite expensive.. USD5.99

However, I was lucky to get lots of the apps during sales.. free!

They have the complete Rome map..

And u can read some history of the places of interest.. BTW, the above pic showed Vatican City!

And also to locate the places of interest in the map.. show u how to get there..

But bare in mind that there’s no voice turn-by-turn GPS guide..

U can also see the opening hours, price, how to get there etc..

Overall I think it is a very nice and informative app.. But if u’re planning to go lots of places and at that time no sales, then u may have to spend quite some money to get all the apps at USD5.99 each..

And again, I don’t talk about jailbreak.. that will be entire different story..

So my advice will be: bookmark the apps and check for sales daily.. They will have 1 day FREE gift sometimes!

There are lots of places for Lonely Planet and not only in iPhone iOS format, u can check for Nokia Symbian or Android format as well!

I will show u another app: mTrip in the next post!

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