Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) Meeting

I have just attended the MQA meeting.. It’s a meeting to decide whether to continue recognizing our medical degree..

So it’s serious business here! They have de-recognized Cyber medical degree.. So dont play play!

But I was informed last minute while taking my lunch in Hong Hong Inn cafe! LOL

So what are the questions did they ask? The followings are not in order..

  1. Please introduce yourself
  2. How often you fly back to hometown?
  3. Any lousy lecturers?
  4. Is there any MO teaching?
  5. Are you following MO or specialist ward round?
  6. Do MOH specialists teach you guys?
  7. How often do u see your basic sciences lecturer in clinical years?
  8. Any problems with your lecturers?
  9. Any problems with your friends?
  10. Who is your mentor?
  11. How often you see your mentor?
  12. What do you usually discuss with your mentor?
  13. What is SDL? What do u do?
  14. Did you really follow the SDL?
  15. Where do you stay?
  16. Why you stay outside and not inside hostel?
  17. How you get your car? Buy or send from JB?
  18. How’s the library?
  19. Did UNIMAS lecturers teach you more or the SGH lecturers teach you more?
  20. What is IDA?
  21. What is CPC?
  22. Do you compare your notes with other university students?
  23. How do you feel about your clinical years?
  24. What speciality you intend to do?
  25. Will you come back to join UNIMAS?
  26. So many HO now, so can you learn?
  27. Is it easy to get the signatures for the log book?
  28. What do you learn in Public health? Medicine? O&G? Family Medicine?
  29. Which topic do you like the most?
  30. Any counselling for failure in exam?
  31. Is there any evaluation form after exam?
  32. Is there a “Best lecturer” prize?
  33. What do you learn in your elective posting?
  34. How’s your ON CALL?
  35. Delivery is conduct? assist?
  36. Did you do procedures like blood taking? LP?
  37. How’s your PBL conducted?
  38. Any of your friends study until commit suicide?
  39. How many BST per week?
  40. How many SDL per week?
  41. Are you happy with UNIMAS?
  42. How many posting in 5th year?
  43. Why psy & ortho were 2 weeks only?
  44. Are you taking any scholarship or loan?
  45. So are we wasting your time here?

Apparently the answer for the last question is NO! Free lunch! Why not? LOL

So in the end they will give a cert like this..

I hope I did not say anything wrong just now.. If I really did, then to all my juniors.. Sorry la.. haha

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