Why Study MRCS?

As u know, Members of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) is not a recognized postgraduate program in Malaysia..

Meaning even after u got MRCS, u’re still not a surgeon!

So here is the answer from our MO in Sibu Hospital, Dr Roger who got his MRCS..

Q: Hi Dr, wanna ask u why u wanna take MRCS since it’s not recognized in Malaysia?

Dr: Hi.. good question.. reasons:

1) Self improvement. Brush u your basic surgical knowledge

2) U get benefits as a member of the college (e.g library and journal access from the college, they have surgical courses which is only limited to members..useful later on in your career)

3) It’s not a specialist qualifications and was never ever meant to be one instead it recognizes that your basic are up to standard and you qualify for higher surgical training

4) Recognized in all other parts of the world..again not as a specialist qualification but a qualification that enables you to enter their healthcare system as a junior registrar..

Q: And since it is not recognized, what is ur future plan? Is it local master program is the only way out? How about FRCS?

Dr: Yup, Masters is the only way…

To be eligible for FRCS exam, you need


b) 4 years post MRCS with operative log book approved by the committee and 3 referees who are frcs holders..so it’s still a long way to go for me..haha

Other option I would consider is..

a) Go to Singapore after your medical school..they’ve started on their residency programme which is structured and should be of good quality

b) Adventurous..then take your usmle and apply for surgical residency in US

UK – tough to go in now as they are closing their training system to foreign trained medical grads..

as for me i am applying for masters then will see after masters if i am eligible for the frcs

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