Orthopaedic Exam

Finally short case is over!

So I got Dr Chan, the funny orthopaedic surgeon! haha

My 1st case was Skin traction:

  1. Can u tell me what is this?
  2. What r d indications?
  3. What r d complications?
  4. What special thing u can notice for this Buck’s traction?

2nd case was peripheral nerve examination:

  1. This young boy presented with post-tumour excision.. Can u examine the neurological system?
  2. As usual, inspection, motor, nerve, scar..
  3. Then I said wanna examine proximal lymph node, Dr Chan said: “Please show me.”
  4. Then I said complete with examination for mets..

So the comments from him:

  1. Well done for upper limb.
  2. Nearly well done for skin traction.

I asked him what caused the “nearly well done”?

He said I should answer all the questions without him to say “What else?”. Coz I missed 1 complication and he said “What else?”

After I answered that, he moved on liao.. walao, za dao..

Then he told me to answer all the questions without having examiner to prompt me for answer in Prof exam.. Then will get full marks.. lol

While for Jun Ing, she got Dr Gunalam:

1st case was high tibial skeletal traction

  1. Can u tell me what is this?
  2. What other tractions do u know?
  3. What’s max KG for skin traction?
  4. Why cannot be more than 5kg?
  5. What is Orthopaedic?
  6. What are the causes of non-union?
  7. Why in bone infection, healing is poor?

2nd case was above knee amputation

  1. What is this?
  2. Indications for this?

3rd case was Illizarov external fixation

  1. What is this?
  2. Indications?
  3. Describe the ulcer on inspection only

No comments from Dr Gunalam

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