Taiwan Day 1

Well, being my first backpacking trip to Taiwan, I’m of course very excited and did lots of research before the trip.

We even printed out the itenary. Haha! And….the day finally came.

It was an afternoon flight, so I wasn’t very tired on my first day. We touched down at Tao Yuan International Airport at 8pm sharp. It was raining outside!

Apparently, we were like lunatics, searching frantically for the so-called Green Bus which will take us to Tao Yuan High Speed Railway (HSR) Train Station.

We finally managed to reach there and bought the tickets to Taipei. But guess what?  We almost took the wrong train to the south! OMG I’m so dumb.

Taipei is at the north but I queued at the South line. Luckily I asked the person in front of me and showed him my ticket. If not, I’d be homeless for the night!

So, after half an hour’s journey, we finally reached Taipei. But wait, how are we getting to our hostel from Taipei?!

We were like lunatics again..hahaha..anyways, we walked to the alley (in the rain) and trying to search for our hostel. But we couldn’t find it and we were drenched. So we called Apple (the owner) and she came to lead the way.

After putting our bags, we took a cab to Shi Da Ye Shi 师大夜市。Lots of things to buy but we didn’t (needed to survey first lol), plus it was pouring! Anyways, that ended our first day in Taipei.


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