How to order books from Kamal Bookstore

How to order books from Kamal Bookstore

Studying far from KL is a major problem for medical students to buy their books and the sad thing is Kamal Bookstore is the only large bookstore that supply medical books in Malaysia..

So I either go there one shot and buy lots of books or I order and ask them to courier to me..

So the steps are..

  1. Email to and ask the price of ur books.. please tell them the edition as well..
  2. Then they will tell u the price, the postal fees and method of payment
  3. U can pay by banking into their Public Bank account or Online transfer money to their Public Bank Account..
  4. Then u email back the banked-in slip or the online transfer ID, the book u wanna buy, the edition, ur address, name, handphone number.
  5. They will email back to u once they got ur email..
  6. Wait for 2 working days not including the day u got their reply email to get ur phone call from the courier agent..
  7. Collect ur book! Woola!

The reason to state the edition of ur book is that I ordered from Mediclink before , ECG Made Easy.. Then I did not tell them the edition, assuming they will give me the latest one..

In the end when I open my bundle, I got the older version of ECG Made Easy.. WTF? Pissed me off!

Anyway, if u wanna buy from Mediclink, the handphone number is 012-2835794..

The advantage of MedicLink is that u get ur books first before u pay the money.. While Kamal is u pay first before u get ur books..

But MedicLink does not have a great variety of medical books!

Kamal Bookstore details:

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday : 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday : 8 am to 2 pm

Kamal Medical Book Supplies Sdn Bhd. (government contractor) aka
Kamal Medical Bookstore
138, Jalan Pahang (opposite General Hospital KL),
53000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-40210548

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