Year 4

Forensic Medicine EOP result is out and this concluded my year 4..

Although Elective posting also counted in our CGPA, but this doesn’t really can be considered as a “subject” la.. haha

If Elective posting got exam, what kind of questions will they ask?

What is the most famous tower in Paris? lol

Anyway, the remedial exam result is out as well.. Sad to see 1 of our batch student leave UNIMAS, another 3 of them have to repeat year 4… and 1 lucky charm passed through!

So as usual, I will see how were my results in year 4..

CGPA for Year 4 excluding elective posting: 3.45

  • Psychiatry: B
  • ENT: A
  • Ophthalmology: B+
  • Orthopaedics: B+
  • District Hospital & Family Medicine: B+
  • CDL: A
  • Community Medicine: A-
  • Forensic Medicine: A-

Sem 1 in year 4 doesn’t look too good but sem 2 in year 4 may have a chance to get Dean List if I did not screw up my Elective Posting..

For those who are interested to know more.. Can download this: {filelink=1}

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