Louis Vuitton

Today I went to the biggest LV shop in the world in Paris!

Not that I claimed it but the sales person told me..


So as usual, had to wait for ur turn to be entertained.. It’s very crowded!

Like Pasar Malam with all the “aunties”..

Lots of Chinese & Japanese!

So a sales assistant came to approach Jun Ing.. Jun Ing pointed to a bag..

Then he asked us to go upstairs where it was less crowded.. So that we could have a good bargain  there..

So we took a lift up..

I told him my budget and he showed all the models within that budget.. Not many actually.. lol

I agreed with one of the models and he told me how to claim VAT from Rome Airport..

Then I was asked to pay the bill first while waiting for the bag to be delivered..

Sorry, no photography inside the building! haha..

He then asked us to take a sit and offered us some drinks..

I chose coffee with Jun Ing chose Pepsi..


They have their cutlery carved with the LV sign!


Then after collecting our bag, he showed me around the shop..

The nice ceiling.. He allowed us to take photo of this.. haha


Then he asked us whether wanna go to the museum at level 7.. but too bad I was running out of time!

Or else I would have gone  there for sure! So next time then!

Oh ya, I think u have to buy a bag before u can enter the museum.. lol

I asked whether we could take a photo, he said can!


The guy who entertained us with his assistant.. lol


The paper bag with a box..


The bag is wrapped with another bag..

So what’s inside? Sorry, I wanna give mum a surprise ! haha..

It’s an unexpected experience with Louis Vuitton.. Very good service!

Will definitely come back again! bahaha

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