Day 10 & 11: EUS

On Monday, nothing special.. Just ward round with specialist..

Consultant Dr Andrew Bathgate and Dr XXX, registrar showed me the signs of chronic liver disease, right heart failure and psoriasis.. Others were nth much to be said..

But this morning (Tuesday), I went to the endoscopic department again.. but this time to see the Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS)..

Consultant Dr John Plevris with Dr Norma McAvory, registrar did the EUS and Dr John explained to me during the procedure.. But now I still cannot appreciate the ultrasound la.. haha..

1st case saw varices in stomach, OG junction and also stone in GB..

2nd case was to look at oesophageal carcinoma to determine further management.. the CA was so extensive!

Then my supervisor, Prof Hayes came in with another year 3 student and asked me to switch with her.. so i went back to observe OGDS.. BTW, in UK they called OGDS as UGIE..

So 1st case was OGDS with biopsy TRO celiac disease

2nd case was varices, as usual.. lots lots of cases of varices..

During lunch, I met 3 year 3 Uni. of Edin. students who are from Malaysia..

So we chatted regarding the differences of medical programme in UK and M’sia..

They DONT have long case, short case, MEQ, SAQ..

ONLY MCQ, BAQ & OSCE.. walao!

They dont have attendance! It’s all up to them whether want to attend the BST, clinic or tutorial.. lol

So they told me.. If the consultant said “You’re welcome to join my clinic”, meaning no need to go la! hahaha..

And I saw some great deals on backpack..

Lowe Alpine Horizon 65L GBP50 (ori GBP100)

Karrimor 65L GBP45

Karrimor 25+5L GBP30

Karrimor 35L GBP20

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