Day 9: Roslin

Sunday morning was really quiet..

We went to the Charlotte Square to see The Prince Albert Statue..


And then took a bus to Roslin..

Roslin is a countryside like place with farms.. lots of them..


We went for jungle trekking at Roslin Glen Country Park while waiting for the Rosslyn Chapel to open at 12pm..


We also visited the Rosslyn Castle.. Unexpected one!


Where’s the castle? Only left with a few bricks… lol


I was practicing the jump for Eiffel Tower.. lol

Finally at 12pm, we bought the ticket (GBP6.1) and entered Rosslyn Chapel..

This chapel is not ordinary one.. It’s in the Da Vinci Code as well.. lol

Anyway, no photography inside.. so only outside lo..


Outside looked normal je.. but inside really nice.. With the history, it is awesome!

Before going back, we stopped at the Midlothian Snowsport Centre..

Europe’s longest artificial slope..

I’m prepared to ski!


Haha.. As if la!

U have to know how to ski only can buy ticket.. or else u need to attend a lesson first..

The 1 hour lesson costs GBP13.. I did not try  that, instead I went for chairlift to the top for GBP2.5 return journey..


It’s actually a cable car but more “dangerous” one.. coz skiers have to jump down whenever they reach their platform..


I took out my weapon– FZ100 and started to shoot around.. lol


Hey, did u notice that there was no snow?

Then what on earth are they skiing on?


This lo..

When I was  on top, I looked down also felt scared..dunno how on earth they dare to ski?!

On the way back, spotted Tesco.. So stopped and bought some food back.. that’s all for Sunday!

Good night!

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