The Butterfly Man

As u noticed, my dad blogged on the previous post on Krabi as I was having my EOP Community Posting these few days..

Anyway, my dad will continue to contribute to this blog if he feels like blogging..

Now I’m back in action! lol

Ananta Burin Resort again.. haha

So my room has a swimming pool right in front of it..

And on the 3rd  day  morning, I heard some water splashing  sound.. So loud!

Out of curiosity, I went out to take a look..

This guy was swimming.. Butterfly style!


Do u notice the powerful stroke?

really looked like butterfly!


Noticed the “waves”?

Last one before reaching the end!

Wah seh! Who was this guy man?

I have to zooooom in to take the picture!

Oh, it’s my dad rupanya.. 😛

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