Best Handphone in Market

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I have chosen the best handphone for respective brand such as N8 for Nokia, iPhone 4 for Apple etc..

From the table we know that HTC has come out with 2 different type of phone.. Android based and Windows Mobile based..

HTC also came out with the largest screen up to 4.3inches! However, they are not scratch resistance..

HTC Desire HD has 768 MB RAM which included graphic accelerator..

Nokia N8 has the best camera of all.. But Nokia’s OS is old old already..

So my conclusion:

  1. If camera is important for u, buy Nokia N8
  2. If u want HUGE screen, take HTC 7 or HTC Desire HD
  3. If video calling is important to u, Nokia N8 or iPhone 4.. But beware iPhone 4 video calling can be used with Wifi only.. but please note that there’s something call Jailbreak in iPhone world & it’s LEGAL!
  4. If u want apps store like Apple’s Apps Store which is the 1 and only place to get the apps so that u dont get confused, get iPhone 4
  5. If u wanna follow the trend, get iPhone 4

My choice? iPhone 4 coz i have bought quite a number of applications in iPhone 3G which i can still use it if i buy iPhone 4!

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