Garmin is coming to iPhone!

Yes! Papago is not alone anymore in Apps Store.. I dont take Tom Tom into consideration coz their map updates suck double time!

Papago has the most updated map for Malaysia by using MFM and Garmin is using MSM.. Previously Garmin was having exclusive partner with ASUS for their Gamin-phone.. but after the partnership sore up, Garmin stated:

Garmin’s official blog says that it will be expanding its mobile application handset development by offering navigation and other applications through “certain consumer application stores.” According to DigiTimes, that means Apple’s iTunes App Store and RIM’s App World

Hope that Apple can figure out something for the user to update the map itself without having to pass through the apps approval process.. this will make the user easier..

I have at least 1 experience in using GPS to lead me successfully!

I route from UNIMAS Main Campus to Grand Continental hotel successfully using Google Map in iPhone. that time i still have internet access in my phone so i prefer to use Google as it is faster in locking down my location..

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