iPhone 4

Since the launch of iPhone 4, i’m starting to see more people using iPhone 4..

Even my sister-in-law is getting his soon.. My sis is getting hers after her husband “tried” it..

My relatives are getting theirs too..

Actually it is quite “affordable” since it costs only RM1500 ++ with monthly RM58 with Digi..

Free call, sms, internet.. Not a bad package i can say although have to sign 2 years contract.. 2 years passed & i think iPhone 4 will still be one of the best phone out there..

Some may say iPhone not good, Bluetooth cannot send pic etc etc..

But for different people may have different opinion.. The best is to try yourself!

Go The Spring in Kuching to try it at the Digi booth 1st floor beside the Apple store..

So the ultimate question is.. Should i upgrade my existing iPhone 3G to iPhone 4?

The answer is NO.. coz i can play my sis one ma..

I have to save money for my first TAG.. haha

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