TAG Heuer Movements

Calibre 1

Eta – Unitas 6498
Which one?: The manual Carrera, REF: WV3010

Calibre 2

7001 Eta
Which one?: The Monaco Sixty-nine.

Calibre 3

Eta 2000 / 1
Which one?: Watches lady. Currently not used this movement.

Calibre 4

2671 Eta
Which one?: Race size lady.

Calibre 5

Sellito SW200 and Eta 2824 / 2, or modifications to this as the Link 2834 calendar double at 12 and 6, or 2836-2, as in the double Aquaracer calendar at 3 o’clock.
Which one?: Aquaracer, Link and Carrera.

Calibre 6

Eta 2895 / 1
Which one?: Link, Monaco.

Calibre 6 RS

ETA 2895 / 2
Which one?: Grand Carrera.

Calire 7

ETA 2892/A2
Which one?: Link

Calibre 7 GMT

ETA 2993 / 2
Which one?: Link and Carrera.

Calibre 8 RS

Eta 2992/A2 – Soprod TT651
Which one?: Grand Carrera GMT.

Calibre 11 and 12

Base Facility: ETA 2892 / 2
Chronograph module: Dubois Depraz

Calibre 11: Dubois Depraz 2018, 2021, 2022
Calibre 12: Dubois Depraz 2002, 2008, 2019

Which one?: Autavia and Monaco. (Formerly also sat on him and some other race chronograph, although this was not exactly the same caliber, in fact, the only thing they share is the name. The basic mechanism was not an Eta, was a Büren automatic micro-rotor, the famous Chronomatic *)

* Chronomatic

Base Facility: Büren Calibre 1280 “INTRAmatic.”
Chronograph module: Dubois Depraz 8510.

Calibre 16

7750 Eta
Which one?: Aquaracer, Carrera and Link.

Calibre 17

Eta 2894-2
Which one?: In the Grand Carrera, reference in the previous Monaco race lap and a lap of up to 2007.

Calibre 36

Zenith “El Primero” 400 Modified *
Which one?: Some Monza and some link leads. Currently, the Grand Carrera Caliper and Monaco C.36 Twenty Four concept.

* Modification: There are 42 pieces that are different between the Calibre 36, “The First” 400.

Calibre 60

Facility base: Eta 2892 / 2
Chronograph module: Dubois Depraz 2073
Which one?: Aquagraph.

Calibre 360

Facility base: Eta 2892 / 2
Chronograph module: TAG Heuer C.360
Which one?: Limited Series of Career and concepts such as the recent Monaco 360.

Calibre V

Machinery manufacturing V
Which one?: The Monaco V4

Calibre S

Manufacturing electromechanical mechanism S
Which one?: Formula 1, Link, Aquaracer, Carrera and SLR.

Note: All mechanical watches use ETA movements, with the exception of “In House” and Sellito gauge used in some Aquaracer, such as the 500M, or in some Aquaracer where the code ends in “/ 0” , apart from being home C.36 Zenith. In quartz, ETA also used some round.

Mechanisms “In house” manufactured by Tag Heuer, currently 4. Two mechanics and two of quartz.


– Calibre 360 (chronograph module)

– Calibre V


– Calibre S

– Calibre HR03 (Microtimer)

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