I have pondered long time ago on how good is it to join a university to get master program..

Now my HO friend asked me a favour to help him ask about joining UNIMAS..

So i went to ask our orthopaedic surgeon Mr Brian..

He told me:

  1. UNIMAS has no own hospital hence not much chance to do practical work..
  2. UNIMAS’s lecturers are mostly not practising coz they are from Myanmar and hence the experiences are not there..
  3. Joining UNIMAS means u have entered Ministry of Higher Education and when u decided to join back Ministry of Health, u’ll be a contract worker and not permanent worker..
  4. The pay in University is lower than in KKM..
  5. Oh ya, u confirm can get masters just that u have to bear the above consequences..
  6. The only way out is u enter University, then after getting master then quit and join private.. haha

I think this information is useful and could not be found on google.. i tried few times but cant get any (dunno is i noob or no ppl put in internet)

So what say u?

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