Tissot PRS516

I bought my Tissot PRS516 in 2008 in Tebrau Jusco Moments..

Recently it needed to service because of off-time..

Faster around 5 min in 2 days..

So i tried my luck in Ocean Watch in Tun Jugah, Authorized seller for Tissot watches in Kuching..

He just some special machine to check for me and said will be done in a few minutes and asked me to wait for a while..

He took a microscope and started to fix it for me..

And woola! Done!

He told me even if i do not want to wear it, just turn the crown (the thing u use to set time in ur watch) clockwise for 20 times and it will last for a day!

I heard of this before but i thought it was just applicable to those higher-end watches like Omega, Rolex etc..

So i went to read my User’s Manual again and he was right!

He said this feature only available in Swiss watch and not Japan branded watch.. But i’m not sure though..

Another good thing about Swiss watch is that in battery powered Quartz watch, if ur battery is low, the second-needle will start to jump 4 seconds instead of 1 second.. So u know when u have to change ur battery!

Nice feature though!

My dream watch, Longines Master Collection!

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