Medical Elective Posting (Update 8)

Application for medical elective in University of Edinburgh was sent on 21.5.2010 9.38pm..

I expect 4-8 weeks for the reply from them.. hopefully can get la.. Don’t wish to redo all over again 😛

They will be 4 of us applying together for

  1. Colorectal Surgery
  2. Transplant Surgery
  3. Paediatrics

Update 1:

Got the reply!! So fast! But…

Dear Wei Juan

Unfortunately, I will be unable to place you all in the same department as most departments only accommodate 1 student at a time.

I have allocated the following specialities to each of the following students:

Wei Juan Lim: Colorectal Surgery, Western General Hospital
Lee Cil Eilk: Transplant Surgery, the Royal Infirmary

Availability in other departments at that time is as follows:

Anaesthetics, The Royal Infirmary
Diabetes & Endocrinology, The Royal Infirmary
Gastroenterogy, The Royal Infirmary
Medicine for the Elderly, Royal Victoria Hospital
Haematoogy, Western General Hospital
Intensive Care Unit, The Royal Infirmary
Oncology, Western General Hospital
Pathollogy, The Royal Infirmary
Medical Radiology, The Royal Infirmary (2 places)
Medical Radiology, Western General Hospital
Rehabilitation Studies, Astley Ainslie Hosital
Renal Medicine, The Royal Infirmary

Please let me know if any of the above will be suitable.

Best wishes


OMG!! All four of us will be in different departments!!! AND hospital!!!

Update 2:

Dear Jennifer

I have now received confirmation from Renal Medicine. I will send you a formal offer letter today.

Best wishes

Wow, so fast confirmed already!!

Now waiting for my confirmation..

Update 3: Another girl got the confirmation.. now left the guys only 🙁

Update 4: Now i’m the only one not confirmed yet.. 🙁

Update 5:

Dear Wei Juan

I received confirmation of your attachment with Gastroenterology today.  I will send you a formal offer lettertoday.

Best wishes

Finally! Can start the part 2 of application after the Psychiatry EOP!

Update 6: Sent the application for letter of good conduct.

Update 7: Got my offer letter through email since the hard copy cannot reach my house due to wrong address by Edinburgh staff.. my supervisor is Prof Hayes!

Update 8: Just received my acceptance letter from University of Edinburgh which contain 10 pages of information!

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