Likes & Dislikes About iPhone 4

Well, Apple announced the new iPhone 4 during WWDC 10 last Monday and also the iOS4 which will be released in this coming 21st June..

I have been following all these news since i’m an iPhone user and i would definitely like to know what will come to the new iOS 4 for my iPhone 3G (yeah, kinda old.. bahaha)

I was shocked to see that the design of the new iPhone is kinda old-fashioned BUT the hardware is totally awesome!

I have been using my iPhone for 1 year plus and i can say that my back cover is full of scratches and the front screen is always full of finger prints.. With the new scratchless cover, it would be just so nice!

I like the new A4 Processor and 512MB RAM in new iPhone 4!

Although new iPhone has front panel camera for video calling, it is only available through Wifi… lol.. WTH? Other phones already implemented this feature super looooooooooooong ago!

And also, the bluetooth is still not open yet.. u can’t send photo or file through bluetooth to another nokia or SE phone but only Iphone or Ipod Touch! This is another downside of iPhone! WTH again!

The multitasking feature is kinda diff from other phone as well.. Apple has noted several times in the past that unrestricted multitasking can degrade appperformancebesides ruining battery life. Consequently, iOS 4 will provide third party developers with the ability to incorporate seven specific multitasking elements to their apps. These include:

  • Allowing apps to run audio in the background
  • Enabling Communication on VoIP apps while accessing another application
  • Letting navigation apps access location information while running other apps
  • Receiving push notification messages from remote servers when the app is not running
  • Local Alarm/Event notification from third party apps without a need for remote servers
  • Processing information in the background even after the app is closed
  • Enabling an easy toggle setup between open applications

This is not the REAL multitasking that u can see in other phone..

But i like the new local notification so that i dont have to online to get the notification.. it;s kinda suck in the past!

I like the new Data Toggle button so that i no need to subscribe any plan to use the iPhone since it can now OFFICIALLY close the internet connection.. Phew!

Basically other features are the same or useless for me so i dont care much!

If u ask urself, what is the most used feature in ur iPhone?

I bet most people would say “Call & SMS” & it is available in every basic phone..

So think twice before u spend any money for the iPhone!

Oh ya, maybe some will say Facebook! LOL please la!

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