AP Vs Ori?

My sis friend bought a 32GB iPhone 3GS from a dinner after the lucky draw where the lucky guy did not want the phone.. She did not know anything about iPhone and bought it..

Out of luck, she could not activate the iPhone and brought it to Digi centre..

Digi centre also could not activate it and asked her to find the origin of this iPhone.. The guy even said if JB then no difference from AP phone..

WTH? Do u know the differences between AP & Ori phone? It’s only the warranty la bro.. and maybe some free gift.. lol

My sis called me for help.. I asked for the model no and found out it was from Ireland and locked to O2 carrier..

I advised her to go to iphonehacks.com to unlock & jailbreak the phone..

So guys, please bear in mind that not all iphones are unlocked.. so make sure u know what u’re buying.. if u really wanna buy iPhone now, i would suggest u to wait till June 7 for the announcement of new iPhone HD and iPhone OS 4.0..

Oh ya, if u dont mind iPhone 3G, i can sell u mine.. 🙂 Maxis set and reasonable price of course! 😛

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