UK Weather!

OMG! Winter during elective period in UK! (if got UK la.. haha)

Spring (March – May)

In spring, you can enjoy wonderful sunny weather, but it can also be cool or wet. Temperatures fluctuate from around 6 – 11 °C. May can have very warm days – up to about 18 °C.

Summer (June – August)

Most days in summer are warm to hot, but evenings can be cool. Temperatures average around 14 – 30 °C, although it can be up to around 35 °C on some days.

Autumn (September – November)

In autumn there can be very warm days, but equally there can be cool ones too. Temperatures fluctuate around the 7 – 18 °C mark, but are likely to be much warmer in September than November.

Winter (December – early March)

Winter sees Britain’s shortest and coolest days (about 7-8 hours of daylight) but these can be crisp and bright. Temperatures fluctuate from around 1 – 5 °C.

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