How to spot a fake Tissot PRC-200

One of Tissot’s greatest watch is this PRC200.. Hence not surprise to see lots of replicas out there..

So in this post, i’ll show how to spot the replica just in case u need these skills in the future..

1. Hands attaching points.

The genuine has chrome attaching points in each hand.

The fake has painted attaching points and poor finished. Check the borders of the “T” shape center seconds hand and poor border painting

2. Incorrect inner bezel numbers and text spacing

The text in the genuine watch is centered.

The text in the fake is too close to the crystal gasket

3. Small hands shape

The genuine has sharper edges and perfect finish.

The fake has irregular shape and rough finish.

4. Leather strap

The genuine has a flat strap.

The fake has a padded strap (too thick).

5. Hands and dial lume

The genuine has lume on hour markings and hands.

The fake has lume only in hour and minute hands.

6. Deployment buckle

Genuine has only stainless steel engraving

Fake has “BI” incorrect lettering engraving. Poor polished.

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