Phobia of blood?

Someone emailed me this.. (I’m sorry if u mind but i promise not to disclose ur name)

hye there,

i was looking around and found an interesting article from ur blog…. let me tell you smthg i’m a medical student & afraid of blood too. well, how ru doing these days? is the phobia is going away?
i didnt realize abt my prob until one day i saw a procedure to remove chest tube that require suturing. i was sooo pale and abt to fall…..luckily i get away from the procedure room
i’m not happy with that
I replied ..
Hey there,

Now I’m ok with blood already.. How did I overcome? I kept on looking at all those procedures involving blood.. When I feel giddy, cold, pale, I go out and rest then continue to see again.. This is vasovagal syncope..

Try keep pushing ur self to see blood taking etc.. Hope u can overcome this one day..

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I hope this can inspire someone out there..
It’s not ur fault to be scared of blood but it is ur fault if u did not try to overcome it..
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