Chiang Mai Day 2 Part 2

From previous post..

The next destination was long neck.. (长颈)

The uncle was so excited.. haha..

The locals.. a.k.a Sakai.. lol

We have to jungle trek to see them also.. so adventurous wo..

Some readings..

Our 阿光 told us this one is their God.. lol..

What is this pic man?! Sex God? =.=||

Ah pek also can tahan..

Their swing?

They were getting ready to perform..

Their 屋顶 got holes.. lol

Performance started..

Photo time!!

Dunno what’s that la.. Yao Ming la.. hehe

Their house..

Their school..

Their blackboard!!

They learn good luck & good bye..

Nice one, useful to say to tourist.. haha

One of them with loooong neck..

Another one..

From top..

Another one..

Super looong…

Wonder how many cervical vertebrae they have.. haha..

Kids also got..

This one GodLike.. so long..

The copper was strangling me.. hehe

C ya until next destination..

Oh ya, our bus.. Huge one..

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