Chiang Mai Day 2

Day 2 early morning after breakfast at 6am, our 1st destination was Hot Spring.. Not The Spring.. lol

Free hot spring..

The water was warm.. not that really hot la..

Behind that one is Massage Centre.. Run by Singaporean.. but till now still not opened yet..


We also bought a few eggs to boil at there.. it took 3 minutes only to get it boil.. not half boil, is BOILED!

My daddy enjoying there..

With my mom also.. i was too lazy to take off my shoes.. hehe..

Saw me?

Yuan de bu neng na..

The signboard said “Hot” lol

There’s one Singapore guy told his sister

“If u dare to put ur leg inside the place where the egg boils, i buy 小猪’s album for u..”

I told him

“If u dare to put ur face in, i buy 小猪’s whole collection for u! haha”

I wanted to tell him this but i do not have the guts to do so 🙁

Anyway, Singaporean Kia Xi, they don’t dare one.. haha..

Next stop is 白庙 (White Temple/ Wat Rong Khun)..

This one is GodLike!! My most favorite place of all!!

Everything is white!!

Even the Tiang also so nicely decorated.. Walao..

Walao the Naga.. walao.. so leng..

Walao.. bui tahan..

Walao.. bui tahan again.. got 3 handsome guys & 1 leng lui in the picture!!

Toooo beautiful la..

Picture paints a thousand words..

No tour guide cannot enter one leh.. so cannot come by urself!!

They have a nice strategy to boost their tourism.. lol

Walao.. 24k gold.. haha

Everything is sooo white.. Even the FISH!

They built alot of tengkorak there to let u put money in.. haha..

Sorry ho, tips also included in the travel package.. RM50 leh..

Really too beautiful..

The tour guide 阿光 told us the owner of this temple drew the pictures himself..

How he got his idea? Through dreams.. haha..

Sorry la, no camera is allowed inside the building.. or else can see spiderman, superman, matrix, PWTC, etc.. Ha mik also got.. Long zhong bao ga liao..

I only could take pictures outside of the building..

So kept on snapping..

Snap snap…

U guys should go & c..

Still under construction..

Very nice..

Snowing.. hehe..

Every time i went to a place will surely go to their washroom without fail.. haha..

Frequency ma..

This time the signboard showed very clearly.. so i wont get into the wrong one.. haha..

While waiting for others, i snap shot a car.. nice car number..

Forgot to introduce our bus.. double decker.. 1st class bus.. spoilt 2 times.. haha..

We have changed 1 bus because of tayar poncet..

Then stopped to repair aircon..

Pisang goreng.. can tahan till 2053 O.O!!!

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