Chiang Mai Day 1

This year 2010 we went to Chiang Mai Thailand for our CNY..

The whole trip will cost around Rm1800 excluding other small small and unexpected spending.. lol..

We took Air Asia from JB to KL on Sat night then Sunday morning from LCCT to Chiang Mai..

The flight on Sat night delayed 1 & half hour.. so we landed in LCCT at 12 midnight..

Then we took a short nap at Tune’s Hotel before getting up at 5am to catch our flight to Chiang Mai at around 7am..

The room is soooo small.. The smallest room i have ever had.. even smaller than the Genting’s First World Hotel.. lol

No place for 2 person to stand side by side!!

No place for the luggage to open up on the floor!!


Chiang Mai’s time is slower than our country by 1 hour..

Thailand’s Baht rate: 10 baht = RM1

My breakfast on the plane.. Lousy food.. lol

Nice weather during the flight.. no turbulence..

Nothing else to do coz the flight took approximately 2 hours & 45 minutes to Chiang Mai.. Long journey..

Approaching Chiang Mai, u can see lots of mountain..

Er.. I think Malaysia also gua..

Landed safely in Chiang Mai..

Yeah!! Thai’s language.. dont understand at all..

Sa Wa Ti Kap..

The first present i got after getting out of the airport.. lol

Got it from a leng lui.. dunno F or M la.. But leng la.. haha

Wah, i thought Chiang Mai doesn’t have all these stuff?

McD also got..

Subway also got..

Hagan Dazz also got..

7-Eleven all over the places..

We decided to take Subway as our lunch coz we couldn’t stand the hygiene over the place.. the hawker.. Yuek!

Anyway, i have not tried Subway before..

So it’s OK for me..

But taking fast food at there was a bad choice  i know 🙂

We should try the local food..

My 1st BIG burger..

Well, i think is not as tasty as McD Double Cheese Burger..

And it’s not cheap at all!!!

Anyway, a nice experience with Subway..

That lunch cost us 610 Baht (RM61).. not set lunch but just burger & beverages..

We had our lunch until around 12pm..

Then we went for a walk around the street..

Taking some pictures of the life of Chiang Mai..

Their taxi is special one.. no aircon, no door, free dust 🙂

Their ATM lagi special..

specially made for robber.. lol

Close the door & drive~

Not like Malaysia need to drive 神手。。 lol

While waiting for the bus to come.. in CH Hotel..

Our first destination is 双龙诗 (Doi Suthep Temple)..

Lots of albino also over there..

cute cute d..

My brother is significantly taller than me.. lol..

They dance to earn  for a living..

That day lots of people over there to pray for HUAT AH!

The buildings over there have very nice design as well..

Another group of performers..

The holy tree.. dunno what la.. haha

Still under construction.. renovation i supposed..

We turned 3 rounds around this building to get blessed..

Have to pay 10 Baht (RM1) to buy the flower as well..

Wah leng lui!! My sis is booked 😛

Very nice scenery over there..

Got another guy to take photo for us..

This picture is taken by the professional photographer LWJ.. lol

The Thai version of lion dance.. lol..

Damn funny.. really..

more of the “lion”

And more..

Anyone can read?

My sis took lots of picture.. so have to put hers as well or else no picture to put liao..

One of the twin dragon..

Hug bell somemore.. so many ppl hug liao still wanna hug.. aduh..

The stuff can be seen over there..

More of those..

Umbrella like China also come liao..

Ring the bell! Lucky lucky!!

Another group of performers..

Before we left 双龙诗.. Family photo..

Sis, bro, dad, mom, me..

Our tour guide is very kind to offer us extra destination.. 鸦片烟花。。 (Opium poppy plant)

lol, at first i thought use 鸦片 to make into 烟花..

then sure worth it la!!

Tour guide still say 最毒 但是最美..

Who knows only see flower!!

Extra 300 Baht (RM30) per head.. haha..

Nvm.. happy ma!

OMG, dead flowers..

Opium poppy garden a..

My Got-cheated-Olympus camera’s power..

KNS, think of few years back got cheated for around RM600.. lol

Come come, STPM the flower project.. lol

My photographing skill still not that expert..

Using close-up mode..

Not bad la.. we have to take another smaller truck to get us up to this mountain..

Roller coaster in action..

The scenery over there..

Lots of flowers..


And more!!

I got tired and sat down to rest.. saw this in front of me so thinking of taking it down..

The signboard said.. er.. Welcome to Opium Poppy Garden..


Their school..

After that we went for our dinner..

Basically first day was a pretty short one..

actually 1 destination but now tour guide added another one..

so 2 destinations on the 1st day..

He said we’re going to take the Emporer Feast!!


Ceh!!! Emporer also take Timun meh..

Got performance also lah..

But pretty boring.. Very slow movement.. si pek sien..

The lion i mentioned earlier appeared again.. haha

Anyone can guess what is this?


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