Maybe i’m out.. but i just saw this thing..

It’s nice but only for year 1 & 2 students.. can someone help me register when i’m back in Kuching? 😛

1. What is Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™?
Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™ provides UNLIMITED Streamyx Broadband together with a Netbook, FREE WiFi Modem, Netbook delivery, songs download @ Hypptunes and also Streamyx Zone ID with 0 entry cost!

2. Who is eligible to subscribe to Streamyx Cool Uni Pack™?
The package is only eligible to 1st or 2nd year IPTA/IPTS with endorsement from the respective universities.

3. What is the basic requirement for me to subscribe the package?
You must have a TM Homeline or TM Home Prepaid before subscribing to this package.

4. Can I apply for this package if the TM Homeline is not under my name?
Yes, you may to apply for this package. However, the owner of the TM Homeline has to give authorisation for you to use the line for the Streamyx installation.

5. Is there any special offers on new TM Homeline application with this package?
Yes, you can enjoy the FREE installation fee worth RM50. A deposit of RM75 will be chargeable in your bill. You will also need to pay for the internal wiring during the installation of TM Homeline which will be paid by the student direct to the installer.

6. How do I subscribe to this package?
To subcribe, you just need to visit any TMpoint or TM Consumer Sales.

7. How long is the delivery period for this package?
For TM Homeline that is already activated, it will take approximately 7 days to install & activate Streamyx. Upon successful activation of Streamyx, the Netbook will be delivered to you within 14 working days.

8. Will I be entitled for any discount on the package since the Netbook is only delivered within 14 working days after
activation of Streamyx?
You will get 50% discount on the 1st month subscription fee.

9. Can the Netbook be delivered to a different place?
For security reasons, the Netbook will only be delivered to the Streamyx installation address. If customer is not contactable for Netbook delivery within 1 month after Streamyx installation, then TM has the right to terminate the Streamyx service or change to other Streamyx package.

10. How will I be charged for this package?
The monthly subscription fee of this package will be charged to you via ‘Bil Telefon & Multimedia’ issued by TM.

11. Is there any minimum contract period applicable for this package?
The minimum subscription period of 2 years upon successful activation of Streamyx is applicable for this package. For any premature termination, an administrative fee of RM600 will be chargeable.

12. What happen if the ADSL port is not available for the TM Homeline number?
For any unsuccessful application of this package, you are allowed to nominate another TM Homeline or TM Home Prepaid line by filling up new application form.

13. Who will get the FREE Streamyx Zone ID in this package?
The student who has successfully subscribed to this package will be given a FREE Streamyx Zone ID which can
be used at all Streamyx Zone locations.

14. What happens if the Netbook is stolen or missing within the warranty period?
The Netbook will not be replaced as the warranty only covers the maintenance of the Netbook. However, you will still be charged the monthly subscription fees.

Terms & Condition
* For IPTA/IPTS students preferably 1st or 2nd year.
* Minimum subscription period of 24 months. Customer are not allowed to terminate during the contract period .
* Netbook warranty will be 2 years.
* Student are not allowed to make last minute changes on the delivery and installation address.
* This promotion is open for Malaysian student only.
* Netbook will be delivered upon successful of Streamyx activation.
* Installation and Delivery address must be same.
* TM will issue a monthly bill upon successful of service activation.
* Netbook vendor will responsible for any defects of the netbook during warranty period
* Delivery of netbook requires approximately 14 working days from date of successful registration.
* If netbook lost within subscription period , payment still needed until end of subscription period.
* After 24 months , student still enjoy monthly fee of RM50 according to their packages.
* This special packages valid for SUCCESSFUL Streamyx installation and activation ONLY. Thus, TM Homeline subscription before the said event is treated separately and subject to TM Homeline Terms & Conditions.
* Customer will be provided FREE wireless modem with 12 months warranty from the date of installation.
* If customer is not contactable or unreachable within 1 month after Streamyx installation , then TM has the right to terminate the Streamyx service or change to other Streamyx package.
* For the 1st month, student will get 50% off from the subscription fee.
* Online registration is not applicable.
* Administrative fee of RM600 will be charged if student terminate within the subscription period.
* Connection fee of RM50 for new TM Homeline will be excluded.
* Deposit fee of RM75 will be charged for TM Homeline.
* Internal Wiring for TM Homeline is chargeable (RM30- RM50).
* Subject to Streamyx service standard Terms & Conditions.

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