Sit from left: Jessie, Siti, Lee Mun, Fong Ning, Hada, Nurul

Stand from left: Fauzan, Fuad, Terrence, Kevin, LWJ, Charlie, Shangker

All right, after introducing our PBL group members… now is ur turn..

Do u know which one in the photo is our facilitator?

i’m not bull shitting but indeed, one of them is our Dr.. not student.. haha

Which one look like Uncle or Auntie? 😛

Can u spot it? ( for NON- UNIMAS student la..)

PBL 5..

From left.. wah, lazy to type.. :rclxs0:

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About LWJ

A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).