STPM Result

SSI has 5 students get 4 flat! CGPA 4.0

Congrats congrtas :clap:

Top in Johor again?

Better than my year :notworthy:

Ah, anyway, don’t compare us to Chong Ling High school or those top schools in Malaysia la.. U know why? coz all good students in Johor either go Singapore or JPA, rich ppl go overseas or local private then left out those not-so-good ones lo.. haha.. good one also got la, good but no money then sueh + English not so good interview tak dapat JPA lo..

And also lots distraction where we can get Singapore TV la, Astro la, then movie la, Sing K la, Yam Cha la, CC la, Tok Bo la, Lok Lok in the midnight la, long zhong got la..

Not pointing at anyone here.. just a general statement.. 🙂

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