Apple is DUMB?

Is Apple dumb? My answer will be YES.

Although there are lots positive points for Apple as well, according to Fortune.


Fortune has released its annual ranking of the world’s most admired companies and Apple has topped the list for the second year in a row.

The accolade was given to Apple mainly due to the fact that the company was able to push through the economic downturn with good sales figures while the rest of the industry struggled. They also lost their all-important man in charge, Steve Jobs, to an ongoing illness. It’s no wonder Apple topped the list this year.

Apple ranked first in a few other industry categories including innovation, people management and quality of products and services. They didn’t, however, take first in the most admired computer category. Xerox received that honor. Don’t ask.

The only other two tech companies in the top ten were Google at number four and Microsoft at number ten.

Way to strive for excellence Apple. Next year we will be watching the list anxiously in hope of a three-peat.


I have a few points here to support my statement:

1. Apple’s Iphone is not available in Malaysia.

  • We have lots Iphone fans in Malaysia as you can see from the net, especially where people are trying all their means to get Iphone 3G to Malaysia.
  • Some people even travel to New Zealand just to buy an Iphone 3G which is unlocked out of the box! Yeah, it’s not cerita dongeng again but it’s fact.. read it in Lowyat.
  • Although we can get Iphone 3G from our neighbours, especially Singapore at a price of RM2400 for 8gb and RM2800 for 16gb, the process is not as easy as you think.. WHY? Because of the warranty stuff  my dear..
  • You can see some people like me who do not like buying things through internet are praying iphone to come to Malaysia!


2. Apple has so many restrictions to apps developer.

  • From this news,
    Jay Freeman, the developer behind Cydia, has announced that he plans to launch a new application store for the iPhone called Cydia Store.
    Cydia is a means for developers to distribute applications for the iPhone, specifically applications created for jailbroken iPhones, that wouldn’t normally be allowed at Apple’s App Store. Many developers with applications that have been rejected because of Apple’s stringent iPhone SDK turn to Cydia.

    Freeman’s store will allow any application to be distributed at a small fee. Freeman has said that the sales commission collected will be on par with Apple’s or even less.

    According to the Wall Street Journal article, Freeman has already hired a lawyer just in case Apple isn’t too pleased with his new idea:

    “The overworking goal is to provide choice,” he says. “It’s understandable that [Apple] wants to control things, but it has been very limiting for developers and users.”

    This just may be the nudge that Apple needed to start legally going after the jailbreak community.

  • Apple has so many restrictions which made all the apps developers mad and go for Cydia.. IF Apple is more open minded, they can earn more instead of spending unnecessary money for court cases over jailbreaking iphone.. coz Apple is applying jailbreaking iphone is illegal.
  • Iphone does not have those important features which can be obtained through jailbroken iphone, so who does not which to jailbreak?


3. Iphone buyers must sign contract with telco.

  • I think this is the worst thing of all.. All iphone has to be obtained by signing contract with telco except in some of the countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong etc..
  • Come on man, when Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 and Palm Pre are out, then you know the consequences!

IF Apple is not restricting apps in Apple store and selling them without contract, i’m very sure their sales will be much much better than now! Oh ya, sell them in Malaysia too!!

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