No Iphone for Bill Gates!

What money cant buy for Bill Gates family? love? haha.. iphone and ipod..

The three children of Bill and Melinda Gates may not be allowed to have a product from a certain Cupertino-based rival in their home, but that doesn’t mean Mrs. Gates doesn’t wish for an Apple gadget every once in a while.


Bill Gates founded Microsoft,

which sells its own line of digital media players under the Zune brand name. So when it comes to the market-leading iPod, it’s look-but-don’t-touch for the Gates family, including the three children (aged 12, 9, and 6), and even Melinda herself.

But she admits wanting one at times in the interview.

you can pwn bill gates by getting an iphone or ipod 🙂

so what are you waiting for? Get an iphone and ipod now!

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