Iphone iStethoscope

Spotted this interesting Iphone apps.. iStethoscope which turns your iPhone into a stethoscope, allowing you to listen to your heatbeat and see your heartrate, or listen to other quiet sounds around you.

Can iphone really do that?? :O

People spending years to invent stethoscope and now a simple apps can just do the same thing?

But i think maybe just for emergency in case you do not bring your stethoscope along and this may be your life saver tool!!

With a little practise you should be able to find a nice clear sound – when you do, iStethoscope will tell you your current heartrate. Shake the iphone to hear the last 8 seconds and see a phonocardiograph display (v2).


  1. Plug in your headphones or earphones, press play to see the stethoscope, then press the mode button to choose the listening mode.
  2. The program starts up muted by default.
  3. Check out the images above to see where to place the microphone, and where the microphone is.
  4. Make sure the microphone is pressed directly against your skin – it cannot hear even through a thin shirt.
  5. If you are an iPod Touch user with no extra microphone, then press the little microphone symbol to the left of the volume (v2.03).
  6. When you see a red X (meaning no microphone) press “mode” to start the audio in compatibility mode.

WARNING! Do not place your phone over your heart if you have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator fitted.

Six modes of operation:

  1. Mute (allowing you to measure your heartrate without hearing the sound)
  2. Heartbeat (uses filters to enable you to hear your heartbeat clearly)
  3. Heartbeat pure (uses a cleaner low-pass filter to help 3G iphones work better, and to provide better clarity of sound, v1.1).
  4. Conversation (uses filters to make voices clearer and other sounds quieter)
  5. Clear Sound (minimal filtering to allow you to hear all quiet sounds)
  6. Accelerometer (maps G forces to audio to allow you to hear subsonic vibration. v2)

Argh, i’m so tempted to get an Iphone 3G for myself..

Lots lots more medical apps in the Apple apps store!!!

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