To Hell and Back!

If u have read my previous post regarding the retarded China’s player, then u should able to understand what i’m going to talk here..


Yes, Anwar has tried it before 😉

Well, my China’s player is alive again!! by itself.. this morning..


Less than a  month ago, my Proton Fairlady’s Blaupunkt player was not functioning well.. actually is has been malfunctioning long time ago.. just that lazy to go change it..

so 1 month ago, i 心血来潮 wanna go change it..

took my old Brother’s player along..


This Brother’s player was originally from my dad’s Camry.. he dislikes it so took it out.. it was used for video viewing.. argh, diverting your attention during your drive..

then i went to one of the Kuching’s car audio shop..

He said here no Brother’s.. so the plug may not fit well..

then after a long story, i lazy to tell here.. i went for a new set..

The China’s one lo..

All in one, ham ba lang bao ga liao price also way cheaper than Sony all those brands..

i was thinking my Proton Fairlady is old enough.. it’s time to change to Toyota Ferrari in 3 years time, maybe?

so decided not to waste too much money on it.. went for the China one..

and also changed my speaker.. u know why?


My old speaker.. older than your grandma.. haha..


My new speaker.. this time i go for Sony.. coz.. long story la.. next time got time tell u all..


My speaker was fixed in the car before i have the chance to take photo.. so take the box one lo.. haha.. same la..

Oh ya, my china player.. din take photo.. Pioneer one.. China’s Pioneer.. lol

If you all think that medical students are nerds who only know studying.. ah, i’m the exception..

the 21st century medical student who zhngs his car audio.. i dont like zhng other parts la.. i like my Proton Fairlady’s stock parts.. hehe

Actually those ah bengs are very kind.. they are not selfish to share their stuff..


they spent lots of $$ to zhng their car audio, put bass tube la, woofer la..

and they share their music with u!!

when at the traffic light, u can listen to their songs also..

then together gu zuk gu zuk la.. but remember to see traffic light la.. later behind people horn u..

if u think how come i so ENG one, can write blog post..

u think i can study non-stop for 5 hours a? my brain needs some rest and this is the time to rest :rclxs0:

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