USM exchange student

Well we ll well.. Saravanan, the guy beside me.. erm.. darker one ( no offense sara 🙂 ) came to UNIMAS Medical Fac for USM and UNIMAS exchange student program..


anyway, how come my shirt is so shinny? OMG, Padini’s shirt quality is really diff.. Lol..

anyway, he came for a week.. last week.. by MAS.. haha.. not Air Asia.. sponsored so take MAS la.. who cares about the price since not own pocket money..

he was my STPM classamate.. in SSI JB..

sitting beside me since lower six i suppose? erm.. not too sure.. but at 1st lower 6 is with soon lee..

when in Upper 6, he was the Kadet Bomba Pengerusi.. ok, last time i always say 浇花 ( water the plants) since they dont have anything else to shoot the water at.. not possibly shoot at the DRY building right? later shoot into classroom somemore

sorry la sara, u were a good pengerusi for bomba.. although there was a case of losing Rm1000 ++.. so how was the case solved? argh, poor memory..

he was my classmate and also my best friend in SSI.. we studied together (erm, did we? 😉 ), we played together, we looked at pretty girls together (lol, purposely taking bus on friday and passing the Convent school on Friday?)

There are many many sweet memories with him, argh, i’m NOT gay ok!

so when he was here last week, he went to cultural village (Ahh!! i’m studying here for almost 2 years and i have never been there.. u came here not even 1 week went there liao.. KNS.. haha)

And.. the most hilirous part was.. his belt broke.. somehow just torn apart.. dunno how and why.. so i brought him to Saberkas.. the “IT” mall in Kuching.. we were searching for male department.. ah, how come dont c it.. we saw bras.. erm, the ladies department..

then i decided to take another way to see..

then we saw an escalator!! Lol..

I dont even know Ngeu Kee has 2 floors.. OMG, i went to Saberkas countless times.. and do not know it.. SHIT.. i was sleeping all the while.. and also.. “Ngeu Kee” also dunno how to spell.. What am i doing man..

lost interest in other things except medical stuff? lol..

but i dont see i’m very good in medical stuff anyway.. 😀

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