Peau d'orange

Orange fruit?


Or Iphone Orange?

orange-iphone-decal.jpgNope nope nope..

Here it goes..


In young women or in older women not undergoing mammographic screening, invasive carcinoma almost always presents as a palpable mass.


By the time a cancer becomes palpable, over half the patients will have axillary lymph node metastases. Larger carcinomas may be fixed to the chest wall or cause dimpling of the skin.


Lymphatics may become so involved as to block the local area of skin drainage and cause lymphedema and thickening of the skin, a change referred to as peau d’orange.”

Tethering of the skin to the breast by Cooper ligaments mimics the appearance of an orange peel. When the tumor involves the central portion of the breast, retraction of the nipple may develop.


Argh! so disgusting! Pitted breast..


So, what r u standing in front of the mirror to check ur breast?

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