In this previous post, i mentioned i have to meet Dr Joshi, cardio thoracic surgeon of SGH..

so, i went this morning..


“Mr Prashant Joshi, MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery),DNB, M.Ch. (Cardiothoracic Surgery)” From SGH Homepage

Blue arrow is Dr Joshi lo.. RED arrow.. my Dean.. haha.. Looks like la.. not sure..


Ok, finish introducing the head of department, then the story goes..

went there at 9.30am.. went around the hospital 2 rounds!! Ke Kiang, assuming i know d place.. then walk walk.. ask ask… then 2 rounds..

reached there den straight go counter.. privilege ma.. with the medical student name tag.. lol.. abusing power..

Ok, told the nurse.. she said he’s not in.. WTH?

so wait lo.. he’s rounding the ward.. no choice..

10am, finally saw him.. warm welcome by him, straight shake hands with me.. saying ” I’ll meet u in 10 min”.

Wow, another 10 min.. ok.. so many patients ma..

actually i do not have refer letter.. just that Dr Htaik made appointment for me with him..

so met him up finally..

He said:

  1. Your Penumothorax is ok now..
  2. You’re normal
  3. You can do anything as usual
  4. You can exercise
  5. You can lead a normal life

AND.. finally..

IF you have another pneumothorax, you come back and find me, i do VATS for you..

WTH? everything normal then lastly said if recur again then VATS.. must be not normal la? straight surgery wo..

VATS= Video Assisted Thoracoscopy surgery

Surgery, minor one.. half an hour he said..

OK, pray not to recur Again!

although had recur 5 times..

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