My "Special" Valentine Dinner

We went to Kenny Rogers for our Valentine dinner..

Why Kenny? Support Kenny Sia ma.. lol, NO!

ok, so after having our quarter meal, it’s time to flee..

so the bill was here..

WTF? how come so expensive!! my Gf look at the bill and told me something..

i told d girl..

Me: ” Today is valentine’s day not family day.”

Waitress:  ” Happy Valentine’s Day!”

ME: ” Yeah, thx, but dont u think we are too young to have kids?”

Waitress: *Blur*

Me: “look at the bill, u’re charging 3 sets of quarter meal..”

Waitress: ” Oh Opps, sorry..”


She went back and came again with the new bill with my refund.. bu then.. refunded RM14.55..

My gf told me, 1 set of quarter meal is Rm16++ how come she only refund Rm14++?

OK, we took our brain out to calculate.. O.O

Alright, our Hp..


By calculating it..

RM 70.00 – Rm45.65 = Rm24.35

Received previous change of Rm 4.90..

so have to deduct another Rm4.90..

RM24.35 – Rm4.90 = Rm19.45

I should get Rm19.45!

I went to the cahsier to explain to him.. OK, a guy cashier.. Iban i suppose..

I spoke in English,  not in Iban language.. haha..

He was so blur~~ So SOS lo..

Just now that waitress came.. took out her calculater.. tok tok tok…

sorry sir..

so.. is it too busy until u have to key in wrong and after that counted wrong again or u purposely counted wrong because today is Valentine’s day.. assuming the couples to be very happy and do not care about the bills??

WRONG dude..

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