World's Youngest Mother Gives Birth

LIna Medina

Pictured above, in 1940, is Lina Medina, her baby, and the doctor who delivered the baby. Her son was 11 months old in this photograhph

This appeared in my lecture and i googled to read further. Read this article here. i think this is outrageous to be pregnant at such a young age! what do u think after reading this? this is true story.. not cerita dongeng..

Born at full term at Lima’s maternity clinic, her child was taken through a caesarian operation done by Dr. Lozada and Dr. Busalleu.

Her son, weighing 2,700 grams or 5.92 pounds, was well formed and in good health. Child and mother were able to leave the clinic after only a few days.

As a result of a disorder known as precocious puberty, Lina Medina, born September 27, 1933 in the small Peruvian village of Paurange, was 5 years 8 months old when she gave birth by cesarean section to her son on May 14, 1939 (Mother’s Day of that year).
The boy weighed 5 lbs and 9 ozs.

Lina is believed to be the youngest girl in the world to give birth to a healthy, full term baby.

Doctors found that Lina had a menstrual period at the young age of 8 months old.

The reason for this disorder is not known. As it’s not everyday a 5 year old girl gets pregnant, research on the disorder is hard. Dr. Gerardo Lozada the doctor who delivered her son was astonished.

When asked who the father was, Lina did not give an answer. Many believed her father had molested her and got her pregnant. He was arrested,  but because of lack of evidence, the case was dropped.

When her son, Gerardo (named after the doctor who delivered him), was 10 years old he discovered something quite shocking: the girl he believed to be his 15 year old sister was actually his mother.

Gerardo died at the age of 40 in 1979 from bone marrow disease. There is no evidence of the disease having anything to do with the fact that his mother had been so young when she had him.

Lina got married to Raúl Jurado in 1972 and had a second child 33 years after she gave birth to Gerardo. To this day the father of Gerardo is a mystery. Lina’s second son currently lives in Mexico.

She was one of nine children born to country folk in Ticrapo, an Andean village at an altitude of 7,400 feet in Peru’s poorest province

A book, written by obstetrician Joseph Sandoval in 2002,  who had been interested in her case, brought fresh attention to Medina’s story, and raised the prospect that the Peruvian government may belatedly offer her financial and other assistance. “The government condemned them to live in poverty back in 1939.

Extreme degrees of precocious puberty in children under 5 are very uncommon but not unheard of. Pregnancy and delivery by a child this young remains extremely rare because extremely precocious puberty is treated to suppress fertility, preserve growth potential, and reduce the social consequences of full sexual development in childhood.

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