Penumothorax is always there!

After taking HRCT Scan, Dr Santhosh showed me my result straight away on the computer screen and  u know what? no abnormalities can be found but the pneumothorax has always been there and never really 100% resovlved..

What the hell? so he said he cant find any abnormalities such as cyst.. so i will collect my result tomorrow and show to Dr Thaik tomorrow or some other day..

one thing.. when i was inside, the conversation was in BM.. then for expiration phase, the man cont in BM as usual.. suddenly a chinese girl came in and explain to me in Mandarin.. lol.. then my GF said everyone laughed after that.. zzzzz… nice joke huh? hehe..

ok, back to RL.

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A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).