Iphone 3G vs Ipod Touch

a bit out of SP topic..

Iphone 3G vs Ipod Touch.. which to buy?

For me, as iphone 3G is not launched officially in M’sia, so we cannot buy from local Apple reseller store.. so the only choice is to buy from net or singapore.. and here comes the warranty problem.. while ipod touch has no such problem..

2ndly, ipod touch is iphone without phone functions.. lol.. so u can use almost all the applications available in app store..

3rdly, ipod touch is way cheaper.. price from offiical reseller..

Ipod Touch 8gb = RM800++

Ipod Touch 16gb = RM1200++

Ipod Touch 32gb = RM1600++

Iphone 3G 8gb = RM2500++ (internet price)

Iphone 3G 16gb = RM2800++ (internet price)

so from the price, u can see if u buy 16gb iphone, u can buy 2 units of 16gb ipod touch..

although some ppl said no need to carry 2 phones, but then still worth it unless u are loaded and not worrying about the warranty..

so for medical programs, yeah is getting more and more for iphone/ipod touch.. if u really wanna take a look, download itunes then go app store and click medical category.. lots lots apps will show up including Epocrates, Netter’s Anatomy, Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, Stedman’s Medical Dictonary, Medical Calculator and lots lots more..

U can also view power point slides in it with a big screen, read PDF books as well and also use WIFI to search the net for more info..

it’s a good companion for clinical years and yeah, i’m getting one soon.. lol

which to get? for now is ipod touch but who knows Maxis get iphone in M’sia in few months time and i will switch.. lol

erm.. mission impossible?

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