anyway, just updated my DNS lol..
went to SGH ( sarawak General Hospital) to meet up Dr. Santhosh, radiologist in SGH after being referred by Dr. Thung, Cardiothoracic surgeon.. so i will be doing a HRCT ( High Resonance Computed Tomography) Scan on 3.2.2009..

He said we cannot do VATS without finding the culprit.. VATS is higher risk so they cannot simply do.. as he said.. so we’ll see after my CNY break.. lol

he said we cannot do VATS because of pneumothorax as to put in talc or watever.. we have to do VATS because XXX in ur lung is causing pneumothorax and we do VATS to remove or watever XXX.. most probably is a bulla
Happy CNY anyway..

And.. SP has no medicine.. either u suffer the pain doing nothing or u go for surgery.. even u take pain killer, it does not kill the underlying causes as well..

so.. beware for those thin, tall young adults..

when u feel pain on both sides, front n back,when u feel something  is moving inside ur chest, ah ha, go for X-ray…

X-ray’s radiation is way way lower than CT scan.. so don worry for getting a chest cancer  😀

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