Rawa Island Day 1 Part 2

Part 2 starts here… Part 1 stop at the chalet..

So after the lunch we went to the beach to take some photos.. You can notice the small white girl on the left.. 🙂

The beach.. chio ma?

I buried this boat because i don’t want other people to steal it.. shhh… 😛

My parent..


Which is Besar Island?? Hmm.. the left one gua i think.. haha..

I’m the camera man… My dog.. Believe it? Better not.. 😛


Sut Sut!! Small ang mo kia already started to climb then zoooommm!!

You saw the sut sut touched the sea water right? Later let you see the height from the ground.. I couldn’t touch the ground when i sut-ed down.. hehe..

When 5pm like that, we prepared to swim lo.. changed clothing and applied sun block.. scared get skin cancer a!!

Hehe.. floating.. how to float leh? get a doo-nun, tummy la.. then can float lo.. got spare tire ma..


We’re getting nearer and nearer to sut sut..

Sun-set.. around 6.30pm? dunno ye.. hehe..

My boat lo..

I’m coming.. shallow only la.. or else my camera kena water then gao lat lo..

After a swim and sut sut, i’m going to start “drawing” on the beach..

Busy busy…

My piece of art.. What’s that?

The chalet lo.. not mine la.. ang mo one.. hehe.. 90% of the people there were ang mo..


Cleaning up and hunger struck me!

Other group of people came.. group? Group of 2.. hehe..

Wah, nice sun set leh.. good camera man lo.. haha..

Part 3 in the next post..

To be continued…

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