Rawa Island Day 1 Part 1

18th of May was my bro’s birthday.. So we celebrated his 15th birthday..

The cake bought in Lavendar.. with blueberry.. Wow… Nice..

On the 26th of May, that was the first day of the school holiday, we went to Rawa Island.. The whole family except my sis.. EY on job.. Bo bian, gotta go Kluang for audit.. So we went without her..

Anyway, you guys must be curious how did we find this island? Not as famous as Tioman island or Redang Island.. So a bit of intro from other website..

A dream of an island 16km off the coast of Mersing. Stretches of white sugary sand, secluded beaches, clear green water and swaying palm fronds offering cooling shades. A special place that beckons you to be yourself. As the waves carry away your troubles, the breeze smoothens those perpetual frown lines and the sun just warms up every corner of your heart. Truly, an unspoilt oasis of peace and tranquility. No TV, no phone lines, no cars, no crowds and no reason to run after time.

The island was discovered by Tunku Mohammed Archibald as a perfect fishing haven. In 1971, he built Rawa Island Resort also known as Rawa Safaris. The resort houses 63 units of chalets and bungalows. Rents vary from RM110 for a beach hut during low season to around RM400 for a family suite during peak. There is a restaurant and a pub with decent food and prices and tends to get packed during long weekends as it can cater big groups.

But the best kept secret of Rawa resides in the cluster of chalets tucked quietly away in the other corner of the island. ‘Le Club Rawa’, as the resort is called, is a gem chanced upon by the lucky few . An enchanting place with just 6 rooms, a private beach and an all-purpose ‘club house’.

This little haven basically celebrates the most simple pleasures in life – excellent food, great company and nature’s beauty.

It snuggles against a protective hill of green foliage and faces a natural lagoon of corals teaming with colourful fishes and giant clams. You’re actually spoilt with the convenience of snorkelling right in front of your doorstep!

For the more adventurous, you can check out the caves or take a 15 min trek up the hill that overlooks the other side of the island. A pretty interesting view which usually promises a beautiful sunrise(for you freaks who has nothing better to do at the crack of dawn!).

But honestly, ‘Le Club Rawa’ is one of the ‘coolest’ place to just ‘hang loose’ and ‘chill out’. The island’s innate qualities simply entices you to rest and relax. And if you dare, go one step further and let yourself be possessed by the island call – and you’ll be whisked away on a personal journey of self-discovery. The perfect place to get re-acquainted with that balanced centre within yourself that will leave you reinvigorated and re-energised to face the daily rigours of city life. “

I didn’t read about it, so dunno the content of this article.. haha.. What i know is that is Rm470 per head for 3 days 2 nights, double the price of Sibu Island.. Why the hell expensive?

Coz the water ma.. Have to be supplied from Mersing.. According to 1 of the chef there..

Wah, paradise wo.. exclusive island, only ang mo and VIP.. haha..

The whole island.. can see the jetty there..

This island does not provide any snorkeling services because you can snorkel around the beaches there.. actually this island is more for family, not for youngster because the activities usually seen in other island wont be available in this island, such as banana ride, flying fish…

So you can most of the people there are ang mo and “oldies”.. hehe

Sun-bathing lo.. and stare at the sky, wait for time to pass.. lol..

So at 9.30am, we set off from Permas.. my house la..

Then around 12 noon we reached Mersing jetty..

The ferry we took? Nop.. half of the size.. haha.. coz not many ppl know the place and too expensive..

My dad and I.. Don’t tell me you dunno which 1 is me hor.. hehe

My bro and my mom… he likes to act cool de..

Zommm!!! Here we go!! We set off from Mersing jetty and it took 25 minutes to reach the island.. speed boat ma..

wah, the sea water so clam o.. can see other island also.. got Besar Island.. Just beside our island.. not in this pic la.. this pic was taken on the way to Rawa Island..

The jetty with “sut sut”.. yeah, my childhood.. Long time din play already lo..

Neh, this was the “speed boat” we took.. haha.. As if la! This is the boat of the shareholder of the resort that we stayed..

Crystal clear water.. CCW.. wah, nice!! can you notice the darker part in the deeper side? those are the corals lo.. near leh..

Not forgetting the hill side.. not focusing on the sea side only.. hehe..

Wah,so nice.. blue sky + green leaves..

Wah, nothing special 😛

Finally reached our room.. hehe..

After a 25 minutes boat ride and a welcome drink from them, we moved our bags into the room then……

Then this? Haha.. got these in front of my room, can sit there see chio bu pass by.. lol

My bed.. Tatami? Google the meaning lo.. Blerk..

Very small la the room..

Opps.. Sorry, image size run already.. haha.. the toilet bowl not that wide d a.. or else who sits also “dong”, touch the water! hehe..

To upstairs..

Wah, rest first..

Hmmm, good mirror, no reflection.. hehe..

Read part 2 in the next post..

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