After i came back from Santubong, that was Monday noon.. Then i continued on my packing of my stuff from my hostel to the new house.. Coz i left some shirts, printer and laptop there.. some other small small stuff..

It took me the whole afternoon to look for furniture, my table and chair but couldn’t find any suitable one..either too small or too expensive.. How expensive? RM400!

Then i went to Satok pasar malam.. you know what, that was my second time to the pasar although it’s just walking distance from my faculty.. haha..

At night i did my final packing back to JB and to Sibu as well..

The next day morning, that was the Tuesday morning, we set off to the bus stop and way off to Sarikei.. Not Sibu.. At Sarikei, we went for a ride around the city, small city, took me 10 minutes.

Yeah, forgot to mention that her sis came from Pakan with her housemate to fetch us.. Both are working as teachers at Pakan.. Very small kampung, really kampung tell you.. Before i continue further, you may ask why there are no pictures.. My lappy is not with me now.. Under warranty service.. KNS, 1 year then prob!

But lucky also to kena during my break..

So after Sarikei, we went to Pakan for a night.. Last time Biology project we need to collect insects right for STPM, i still remember i bought few big big insects to gain more marks.. Each will cost around RM15-20..

But at Pakan, you just need to open your window at night, then you will have all those gigantic insects coming in for you to catch.. Walao eh, lots till you cannot believe! Then rare kind also! I wasted so mjuch money to buy at JB then you can get whole bunch of it FREE!

Ok, having said about that, me and Jun Ing went to visit the school.. All students and teachers including principal stay in the school! And the students like looking at something special when saw me..

1 good joke from Jun Ing’s sis’s housemate.. hehe..

She said there is MMS service in Malaysia now.. Then the whole class laughs till death.. She was puzzled and asked the reason.. The students answered ” Cikgu, salahlah, SMS la! Bukan MMS!”

Doinks…………. Za Dao.. They don’t know there is MMS.. Actually there’s lots more stories but i think i shouldn’t mention them all here otherwise my blog will be freaking long.. haha…

K la, to be continued.. hope lappy faster comes back.. 🙂

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