Approaching 2008


When 2008 is approaching, my stupid Hp 3 in 1 printer is working again!! Lol.. It has stop functioning for around a month.. Then i decided to call up Hp service centre.. Before doing so, i wanna give a last try to switch on the stupid printer.. And surprisingly, it just switch on like that!! WTH?

Last time no matter how i plug in the plug, with great force, i bang the plug and it just wont switch on.. now i just plug in as normal coz knowing it wont switch on anyway, just wanna plug in the plug properly before calling up Hp.. Lol.. Good sign for 2008 or the last good sign for 2007? Lol

Raining for the night before 2008, no countdown, no fire crackers.. Peaceful night for the coming 2008..

My target for 2008:

  1. Get better results for EOB
  2. Get better for my pimple-face
  3. Get a pretty, understanding and caring GF ( wah so demanding!! Lol )
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About LWJ

A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).