Mr Tay

Today went to my mom office wanna print the notes for block 4 but the laser printer cannot support the format that i want.. walao.. i wanna print 8 slides in 1 page which normal printer cant do it.. normally only can print 6 slides in a page but then the big laser printer that can be used for photocopy can do that..


Everytime my family members will ask me to relax..

Then went to Kerry’s to buy highlighter and pen.. saw lots of youngster, wearing so chio, then look at myself, like older lot.. hehe… they’re taking lots of present, preparing for the christmas party i suppose.. halfway through i met Mr Tay.. my STPM chemistry teacher in school.. still the same old man with the beard.. he retired already.. so u can guess his age..

Currently i’m downloading medical books from medical heaven website.. the internet speed in my mom office is way faster than my house.. double the speed so save my time twice as well!!

medical heaven has tons of books can be downloaded.. very useful especially if u dont buy them and can have other as references.. save money and save time if wanna search for the specific word.. using PDF.. can be read in my N73 as well.. haha.. yesterday cracked the PDF software..

last night was a nightmare to me.. wanna study cant, wanna play then feel like studying.. what the hell wrong with me?

After coming back to JB, my study-spirit gone.. haha.. dunno y..just cant concentrate.. maybe my siblings are palying so distract me? or because exam is over so relax? or??

Yesterday chat with Henry over the net.. he just came back from France!! so syok.. Next time 4th year medical posting i hope can go UK la.. hehe.. or Australia.. staying back here learning the stuff that u’ll know in the future is useless.. go out and see around the world and see how other country’s doctor work will be fun for me.. hehe..




Wah.. si pek shuang a..

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