Group A

Today is my first step towards countering blood phobia..

I pricked myself and made a blood grouping..

I’m group A and Rh +ve..

B column Anti A, Anti AB and A cells are agglutinated..  B column Anti B and B cells are not agglutinated.. Showing i’m group A

Row B is mine.. Row A is my friend, Charlie.. For the A cells and B cells are the Rh result..

Agglutination means +ve and vise versa..

The most common group is O and A with Rh+ve…

I didn’t feel giddy or what and this is a good sign.. hehe..

BTW, got TITAS result back.. shocked me!! So many A’s haha..

Have a guess which one is me? 18xxx… hehe..

So u can see UNIMAS students are so perpaduan.. hehe.. Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia Tenggara can know so well..

Next Monday is my EOB!! Means i’m going back as well.. hehe.. until 25th.. but ponteng 1 day.. Haiz.. quite unwillingful also.. coz there’s a pratical and 2 lectures.. practical is important.. Coz the knowledge that u gain from practical will last longer.. When u’re hands on, u tend to remember more and longer.. So.. NVM la…hehe..

I miss my family!! but Johor is raining whole day long.. Walao.. sien leh.. cant go out or what.

Actually what do u guys think about a medical student’s lifestyle? Just study whole day long and do nothing else? Well, there are such ppl here also.. hehe.. And some very playful but score as well.. and a guy who usually close himself in the room and the only entertainer is his Fujitsu laptop, Creative Zen vision M MP3 player and blog.. Lolz..  That’s me!

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