What can u do when it’s raining season?

What can u do when it’s raining season?

  1. Study.. not hot ma.. free aircon
  2. Sleep.. nice lo.. syok syok..
  3. Eat? to induce metabolism in the body and produce heat..
  4. Wash clothes?

However,clothes cant dry la.. What to do.. Dont tell me u’re not going to wash ur clothes during raining season?

I have my own way to DRY them!!

Firstly, turn your living room into temporary clothes-drying room.. Haha

Where the only fan available to dry them..

Then, after continuous fanning the clothes, take the one that u have to change it everyday .. u know what i mean? hmmm…still cant get it? then see the picture below!

What’s the only source of heat in ur room??

Heater? no heater in hostel la..

Steam? U think sauna izzit?

Laptop la!!

Good source of heat to dry them!! so good.. 1 stone hits 2 birds!

* Please don’t put ur wet clothes under ya, that’ll spoil ur laptop.. hehe.. mine are “almost dry” haha..

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