Semester break

This is the consequences of not following semester system.. Our faculty library has semester break as well.. Haiz.. Night time cant go library.. What to do..

Anyway, what are the differences between block and semester system?

For example, my 1st year has 5 blocks. Each block will take different number of weeks but at the end of the block we will have an End of Block Exam (EOB). After the exam there will be a few days break.. EOB will be on monday and then the next new block will start on the following coming monday.. So few days off every block..

And for semester is 1 year has 2 semester and there will be a semester break at the end of 1st semester right? so u guys are having infrequent but long holiday while we’re having frequent but short holiday..

And our EOB will contribute 30% to the End of Year (EOY).

So to my friends, please do not ask me what’s block again..hehe..

And this means our holiday wont match the semester system ppl!!

So now u guys are having holiday while we’re struggling with our studies!! Argh~~

UNIMAS, FMHS (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

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